Help Rescue Kids

Kim grew up in Pueblo, Colorado. She began singing with her sister and brother at the age of 7. That same year her parents divorced. She continues singing at the A.M.E church, her brother was one of the pastors. She began to notice that people enjoyed the anointing of her gift in song. She entered the Jr. Miss Pageant continued to sing do fashion modeling ever since. Thereafter, the solo life was her gig.

Kim has a feminine low register voice that grabs you with her heart, sung words she write from the Bible.

Kim likes to sing about love because love this the subject matter that she struggled with on her journey. She knew her dad loved her but, he was an absent dad. She knew that she loved others but now Kim is learning and sharing about the real, ultimate love relationship initiated by Father, God in Christ and through Holy Spirit. 

Kim has found that God put in place, every good thing that could represent Him including His Son and the Holy Spirit to represent His Love and mercy towards us.

For example, you wouldn't think that God placed the fruit, Orange in the world to represent the scent of citrus, the explosive color, the vibrant taste, and the vitamin C content for health and that is just what the orange can give. This orange more accurately represents God's refreshing renewal for our soul and life, and the nourishing he provides for us, also the enjoyment of His presence, and health of heart and mind that we need. Look around you for these good things in the warmth of your mothers hug, the beauty of the mountain and streams and more. 

He made all this and more. Plus, sent His the precious Son of God to shed his blood for us, not to save us from Hell; but to restore us to Himself where we have  joy and worship Him for His majesty. Also, through His redeeming love, God is our friend and a Father to those who delight in Him instead of, Him being a "God of Wrath due to our being separated from Him due to sin."

This ministry is not about Kim; it is about God and how He rescued us from ourselves where there was only destruction, temporary satisfaction, fear, and lack.

God gives us back our confidence because now as a born again Christian's. Through Holy Spirit, we can see God through the majestic God He is and, as a coveout of His grace through Christ, God sees us as righteous in Christ!

As we're about that "God Life" transformed in our hearts and mind, let us be about His business. As we get into His presence there is fullness of joy in Christ!

 Amen! Praise God from whom all blessing flow!

Love, grace, and unity with our brothers and sisters,

Kim Seaborn