Kim's Help

I have a heart to minister to people's hearts but, . . I also, I believe that people need money $$$ too. I grew up not wealthy but inspired! That is why I'm sharing this! My parents got divorced when I was eight. Struggles, lack, and need was my life. Let's not even talk about wants.

Till this day I don't like that people don't have an extra $1,000 in the bank for emergencies. I don't think that people should eat unhealthy food, especially if they are financially challenged! I think people should have extra for themselves and extra to give to others that are in need. There is no time like today to make change!!!

I want to share what I am doing part-time. I am in a business that helps people get educated about how money works, especially the new technology currency, (Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. In my business you can make currency while learning about money, retirement, investments etc. For example, when you were in college learning, there was nobody paying you as you took classes but, this does. You learn at your own pace, at home. When you finish you will get currency to spend as you like.

Also, when making investments our computer bot is smart and helps you make investments. It could take years to learn finances, but not with system. Take a look at my interactive link, It is fun and informational. If this business sounds like something you would like, just follow the directions.

When you sign up it will help you financially and it will help me and others too. You can also leave me some referrals.

We live in times where people need to be ready on a dime. We need security, food, a place to live and our needs met.

Eventually, I plan on getting an advocate in each State to help me send food, (good nutritious food to widows and orphans). That is what the Bible says to do. I am all about doing this.

Secondly, I don't like seeing mature people live without a retirement and no way to catch up at the end of their life. This business can in months help people get their money right (if they follow the training etc.) No promises, but my mentors have become financially wealthy in short of 6 months. You can too! Just check out my link and then we can talk. Grace and Love, Kim